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Y Venture Capital


Established in 2015, Y Venture Capital act as a business incubator to encourage entrepreneurial ideas, provide software and hardware, legal support and financial backing for entrepreneurs, and will assist on acquire  and development, or raise funds for IPO.

PBIL Entertainment (Holdings) LTD


Fully acquired by Yus International Holdings Ltd. PBIL invested in film production in 2018. The founder of PBIL Entertainment, also a director Alan De Law, was invited to be the executive director of the newly established PBIL Entertainment Holdings Co,. Ltd. and supervised the Hong Kong film “Quan Dao”. The partners PBIL advertising and PBIL Production are the subsidiaries company of PBIL Group of Communication, which is an advertising company specializing in commercial advertising, TV and music video production. Founder and CEO Alan De Law is an experienced media producer in worldwide, familiar between in-fields. The clients included: Hospital Authority, Mission Hills Ressorts, Cathay Pacific, Gome, Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong MFPA, and Macau’s first large-scale stage play “Love in Macau”, as well as fashion brand Staccato and Sausantong.