YUS International Group Limited

YUS International Group Limited (YUSG NASDAQ.OTHER) is a US NASDAQ listed company and its major shareholder is YUS International Group Limited (Hong Kong).  The Company (YUSG NASDAQ.OTHER) is now seeking appropriate business opportunities demonstrating the potential of long-term growth.


Profile of Subsidiaries:

YUS International Holdings Limited (Trade name: Y Venture Capital), 100%-owned by YUS International Group Limited (YUSG NASDAQ.OTHER), was established in 2015.  The aim is to encourage innovative business startup and nurture their development. The Company provides hardware, software as well as legal support and financial backup for the entrepreneurs. It also assists enterprises in business acquisition or fund raising for a listing.

PBIL Entertainment (Holdings) Limited, 100%-owned by YUS International Holdings Limited, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of YUS International Group Limited (YUSG NASDAQ.OTHER). PBIL provides producer and fixer services, including films, short films, TV commercials, corporate videos, featured documentaries and music videos.

Strategic partner

YUS International Development Limited(88 HOME)


YUS Broadcasting Limited


ATAI(HK) Limited


Union International Baby-Care Limited


Hong Kong Nanny Association

Yus Group-8

YUS International Investment Immigration Limited


Tamar Media Creations


Y Fintech Group Limited

YUS International Bullion Limited

YUS International Finance Limited

Absolute-AI Solution

Foloow Trade

HK Lactation Limited

PBIL Entertainment (Holdings) Ltd

YUSG Jewellery Online Limited

YUSG International Trading Limited